Grip NCERT Easy Way Physics For NEET/JEE/CUET


We have immense pleasure in presenting the book “Grip NCERT Easy Way Physics” before the students of such professional exams. This book has been compiled to meet the growing demands and requirements of the reader appearing in NEET, JEE and School Board Examinations. This book has been compiled with the prime intention of providing all the Concepts, Brain Storming Exercises and Previous Years’ questions (POs) asked in exams to date in a comprehensive & easy to remember format, with special attention to most repetitive questions/topics. As the name indicates, the book “Grip of NCERT Physics” has all the subject matter as per the NCERT syllabus, with special consideration on important topics. The book has been divided into 5 sections i.e. Conceptual Theory, Basic Conceptual Questions, Brain Storming Questions (for JEE), Assertion and Reasoning Questions & Previous Years’ Questions. Besides it, the solution of each exercise & variety of course material makes it beneficial for both students and faculties. We are confident that after reading and applying this book’s contents the aspirants will be well-equipped to face all the aspects of physics and they will be in a much more comfortable situation in the examination hall. We welcome comments and suggestions from the readers of this book.


“Grip NCERT Easy Way Physics For NEET/JEE/CUET Vol.1”

YEAR:-  2023

Edition:-  2024

Publisher:-  G.R Bathla & Sons


Author:-  Kamlesh Soni


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