New Era Computer Science For Class 8 (A Complete Course In Information Andcommunication Technlolgy)

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For students to remain updated in the changing tech-savvy world, NEP 2020 has suggested certain skills to be mastered in various areas such as Coding, Computational Thinking, and Artificial Intelligence. In pursuit of this vision, the Computer Science 6-8 series is based on the latest software and operating systems such as Microsoft Office 2019 and Windows 10. The pictures, drawings, and text are integrated in a creative and visually appealing manner. Up-to-date coverage of contemporary computer concepts and the most widely used software packages is provided in the series. The coverage of the concepts follows the required sequence and uses step-by-step pedagogy to keep things simple for young learners. The chapter-end ‘Let’s Revise’ section summarises the whole chapter, and the Exercises section evaluates the student’s understanding of the concepts at the end of each chapter. The Did You Know feature helps students with relevant, current, and interesting factual information that goes beyond chapter learning.


”New Era Computer Science Class 8″

Year:-  2024

Edition:-  1st

Publisher:-  G.R Bathla & Sons

Exam:- Class 8



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