Computer Science With Python Class XI


Author: Dr. Shailender Gupta

The current text is an effort to serve the need of Class XI students. Before starting work on the text, thorough research work was done to know the student’s requirements. Many good ideas were invited from various students who studied the subject previously and other programming language experts and organizations of good textbooks were studied. The essential features of the same are that the text is organized in a sequential manner, easily understandable for students, The interactive approach is used in the text i.e. the user is encouraged to carry out some action in Python on PC and see the result simultaneously, The fundamental concepts of Python are covered in sufficient detail using an ample number of examples, The advanced concepts are explained in fundamental term, The solved examples of advanced concepts help readers to learn quickly, It tries to inculcate NCERT text exercises at appropriate places to help students, The codes are tested and debugged in order to make this book error free and An ample number of case study-based questions and MCQs are added to improve the overall quality.


“New Era Computer Science With Python Class XI”

YEAR:-  2023

Edition:-  Latest Edition

Publisher:-  G.R Bathla & Sons

Exam:-   FOR CBSE

Author:-  Dr. Shailender Gupta


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