On average, 15 lakh students appear for the NEET exam every year. Every student appearing for the exam aims to bag a seat in one of the top medical institutions in India. But with limited seats available and a rising number of aspirants, cracking NEET has become one tough task. 

That’s why many students start preparing for the exam from class 11th. Apart from school, students join coaching classes and resort to self-study sessions to fulfill their dream of pursuing a career in medical science. To score higher marks, apart from studying hard, it is crucial for students to study using the right techniques and approach. 

The cut-throat competition in the NEET exam has made it necessary for students to prepare a well-defined study plan for NEET 2024. While creating a study plan, students must know what syllabus they have to study and how much time it will take to cover it. This will allow them to create an effective NEET strategy 2021 and perform well in the exam.

If you aim to get a seat in one of the top medical colleges, it’s high time you should start preparing using the best study material for NEET. 

To help you out, we are sharing a few things that you can keep in mind for effective NEET preparation:

Know the syllabus

You can start your preparation by knowing the NEET syllabus. The exam consists of three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and the topics are from classes 11 and 12. The syllabus may seem a lot at first, but when you start preparing and cover topics step-by-step, you can complete it within a specific time.

Before starting your preparation, take a quick look at the entire syllabus and ensure that every topic is covered. If any topic or concept is missing, discuss it with your teacher from school or coaching. This will save you from missing out on any crucial topic and get good marks in the exam.

Best study material for NEET

Get the best book for NEET to support your study strategy. Make sure whatever books you choose explain every concept and topic in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner. Also, ensure that the books consist of mock tests that you can practice to understand the exam pattern. With the best study material, you can take your preparation in the right direction and score higher marks. 

Make a timetable

When do you feel most zestful and active? Some students feel more active at night while others prefer studying in the morning. Make a timetable and plan your study sessions at hours when you feel energetic and active. To know your strengths, you can try studying at various times during the entire day. This will help you know what time suits you best and will help you achieve better results. Then make a timetable accordingly and stick to it.

Keep distractions at bay

Be focused while studying. The best way to do this is by removing all unnecessary distractions. Apart from school and coaching, take some time out for self-study sessions. This will help you better understand your high and low points. Set daily study targets and achieve them with full dedication.

Clear doubts time-to-time

You can start with the theory part and then practice practical problems. In case of doubts, clear them with your teacher the same day. Through practicing mock tests, you can understand the exam pattern and learn time management, which is crucial to crack the NEET exam. 

Make notes

While preparing for the NEET exam, make notes of important topics, concepts, and formulas in a small notebook. This will help you memorize them better and provide you with a quick recap of the syllabus a day before the exam. 

Complete assignments

Complete all your study tasks and assignments on time. Ensure that you complete all the module exercises given at the coaching on the same day. Imbibe the syllabus and don’t procrastinate on any complex topic or concept.

Stay on top of revision

While preparing for NEET, many students forget topics when they move forward to the next one. This makes periodic revisions on a weekly or monthly basis a must for students who want to stay abreast with their study plan and achieve their dream of making a career in medical science. 

Learn from your mistakes

Practicing mock tests will help you identify your weak spots. When you attempt a test, count the marks you lose because of your silly mistakes. Work on those mistakes and make sure to never repeat them.

Be consistent

During NEET preparation, students get bored and don’t stick to their study plan for long. Always remember, preparing for NEET is not a weekly or monthly thing. If you truly want to see yourself getting admission to one of the top medical institutions, staying consistent with your NEET preparation is a must.


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