Class 9 stands as the foundation for the classes ahead. Everything you learn in class 9 will help you build your basics for class 10. But it is sad to say that students do not acknowledge this fact. 

Studying well from the best books for CBSE Class 9 will help you grasp basic concepts of subjects like Maths and Science. The concepts you learn in class 9 are fundamental and help you find what subject interests you the most. 

Students preparing for the class 10 board exams must be understanding how important it is to study well in the previous class to understand the basics of each subject. But even now, you can do a lot to concrete your knowledge and prepare well for the CBSE boards.

You can start with finding the right study material. With the plenteous options available in the market, determining the best books for CBSE Class 10 is a little challenging. If you don’t want to fall into the category of students who end up choosing the wrong study material, then do your research. You can even ask your teachers and seniors about the best reference books for CBSE class 10.

Don’t choose the wrong books that can lead to failure. Explore options and go for the ones recommended by toppers and teachers. 

GRB offers the best books for CBSE Class 9 and Class 10 preparation. If you aspire to score higher in your board exams, then studying well from our CBSE and reference books for class 9 and class 10 will increase your chances to get 90 – 100 percent marks. 

Some of the benefits of studying from GRB books are mentioned below:

Get your basics right

All our books are written by experts after extensive research on every topic. They are designed in a way that helps students have a better learning experience. Each topic is explained in a simple, detailed, and easy language to deliver apt information to students. Thus if these books are studied meticulously, they can clear all your doubts and help you get a thorough understanding of all difficult topics and subjects.

Follows the CBSE curriculum

Another major reason to go for GRB books for CBSE Class 9 and class 10 is that they strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. The knowledge the books provide is sufficient enough to help you perform well in the exams and achieve higher marks. The books build the foundation not only for board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. With these books, you can prepare for the exams according to the prescribed syllabus.

Clear all concepts

GRB books, along with helping you cover the entire syllabus, also help you have a deep understanding of all the important concepts. By getting every topic covered and each concept crystal clear in your mind, you don’t have to stress about the approaching exams. During exam time, the only things you need to go over will be the formulas and their execution. The easy and simple learning method the books offer help you achieve the best scores in the exam.

Practice problems that make you exam-ready

Knowledge comes from practice, and if you want to succeed in exams, practicing can help. In GRB books, you can find solved and unsolved questions at the end of chapters that you can practice to have a better understanding of the topic. This will help you score maximum marks on the board papers. In addition to this, by constant practice, you will find what subject holds your interest so that you can choose the right field for your higher studies.

The List Of Books We Offer


The best books for CBSE Class 9

S.NoBooks AuthurBuy Online
1.New Era Biology Class IXDr. Mukesh KumarBuy Now
2.New Era Mathematics Class IXRASHMI SAGAR , ANUPAL SAGARBuy Now
3.New Era Science Part-I Physics Class IXDr. Pramod AgarwalBuy Now
4.New Era Science Part-II Chemistry Class IXSatinder MalhotraBuy Now
5.New Era Science Practical Class IX(With Record Book)Gupta / Malhotra / KumarBuy Now

The best books for CBSE Class 10

S.NoBooks AuthurBuy Online
1.New Era Biology Class XDr. Mukesh KumarBuy Now
2.New Era Science Part-I Physics Class XDr. Pramod AgarwalBuy Now
3.New Era Science Part-II Chemistry Class XSatinder MalhotraBuy Now
4.New Era Science Practical Class X( With Record Book)Gupta / Malhotra / KumarBuy Now


Final Words

With the best books for CBSE class 9 and Class 10, you can pace up your exam preparation and achieve your goal of scoring high in exams. You can even go for other reference books, but the concise and different problem-solving methods can confuse and deviate you from the target. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to stick to GRB books and practice as many problems as you can to deliver outstanding performance in exams.


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